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We have arrived! I've been so excited about getting to Iceland for ages now, it hardly seems real. 

It's only been a few days, but it seems like we've seen so much of this beautiful country, and I love it already! The people are friendly, the food is great, and even though the weather has been overcast and rainy for most of the time we are here, it's not dampening my spirits :)

I've picked a couple of quick shots from our travels so far. I'm doing my post processing on an iPad, so the images aren't quite as polished as usual... Just means I'll have to work on getting the shots right in camera!

We have travelled along the south coast soaking up waterfalls, glaciers, lush greenery and black volcanic landscapes. We've seen Icelandic horses aplenty, puffins from afar and many other sea birds.

Hallgrímskirkja church, Reykjavík Hallgrímskirkja church, the biggest in Reykjavík.


Öxarárfoss, Thingvellir national park Öxarárfoss waterfall, in Thingvellir national park.


Coin filled pool in Thingvellir national park A coin filled pool in Thingvellir national park.


Waterfall at Gjáin We drove our Toyota Yaris out on a 4WD only track then hiked a little further to a paradise called Gjáin (pronounced 'jow-een'). 


The serenity of Gjáin


Cascade of waterfalls at Gjáin A few more at Gjáin. 


Mama and baby Icelandic horse We found some gorgeous and super gentle Icelandic horses, with little foals!


Icelandic horse!


Gluggagoss, Iceland After staying in a turf roofed hostel for the night, we discovered Gluggafoss, a delightful little waterfall we had all to ourselves.



There are so many massive glaciers in Iceland, and several lagoons with floating icebergs... This one is Fjallsárlón. 


Icebergs on Fjallsárlón Another iceberg from Fjallsárlón. 


Jökulsárlón This lagoon in Jökulsárlón, much bigger with lots of seabirds and seals.


Reynisdrangar We stayed a night in Vik, and went out to the black pebble beach to see Reynisdrangar, the sea spires, at sunset. 


Reynisdrangar from the cliffs I then hiked upto the cliff tops the following morning for a different view.


Stone ruins near Vik

We found these ruins of a little stone cottage right by the side of the road, backed up by the classic Icelandic escarpment running along so much of the south coast. 


Kate enjoying Vestmannaeyjar Kate on Vestmannaeyjar - the Westmann islands just south of Iceland. A fairly recent volcanic addition, filled with dramatic landscapes.


So as you can see, the weather hasn't been ideal for capturing these kind of landscapes, but I've done my best... And I wouldn't have traded coming here for the world :)


There will be a few more to come from Iceland hopefully, then we are off to the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway in a couple of days. 

Bye for now!


Jonny Savage(non-registered)
Killer brotha... you are RAD. Miss you tons, meet up in Japan in 2014? I'll be there Jan - Mar
josh cheng(non-registered)
Hey bigfella. Looks like you are really hanging out in the ghetto. Hah! :P
looks magic have a great time out there
Fiona Barbaro(non-registered)
Amazing photos, looks beautiful, have a wonderful journey!
John Rees(non-registered)
Brilliant stuff. Very envious.
Miranda Schooneveldt(non-registered)
Great photos Jon, looks like you're having a great (if a little chilly?) time!

Cheers Miranda
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